Association Profile


A body of professionals to promote development and use of hydropower.


  • To identify critical Hydro Power issues of national and regional importance on the basis of ongoing assessment of Hydro Power Development of States.
  • To raise awareness about critical Hydro Power issues at all levels of decision making from the highest authorities including Govt of India and the states, to the general public.
  • To provide a forum for common strategic vision on integrated Hydro Power resources management on sustainable basis and to promote effective implementation of policies and strategies.
  • To interact with Hydro Power related international organisation whose activities are analogous to those of Hydro Power Association (India) - HYPAI.
  • To establish contacts with institutions and individualsfrom various countries of the region with a view to exchange publications and information related to Hydro Power.
  • To publish technical literature and contribute information on different aspects of hydro power development and management.
  • To arrange confrences, symposia,workshops,seminars to interact and to increase awareness regarding issues related to Hydro Power developement.
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